General account questions

Is membership free?

Membership is absolutely free! To register click on the word, “register”, in the little window in the top right hand corner of the home page. You will be taken to the registration page. Enter your login, name, Country, email address and password, then click on the register button. You will now be able to log in, and start downloading or contributing images.

You must be a member to be able to upload or download images.

Where can I find the License?


How long does the account activation process take?

After signing up, you should be receiving the account activation e-mail within minutes.

I didn’t receive my account activation code or password.

If you didn’t receive any e-mail after requesting your account info you can try requesting it again on the Forgot pass page, but in 99% of the cases your ISP, your company and their “spam” filters or policies are to blame. We absolutely don’t recommend signing up from ISP’s like AOL or Verizon for example. If you’re not getting our e-mails please contact your ISP or the IT department at your company to fix the issue and have your account info sent again, or if it’s not possible, contact us.

I can’t log in / I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can retrieve your username and password by typing your e-mail address on the Forgot pass page. After submitting the form you should receive your account information shortly. Please take a close look and try again. Make sure you have cookies enabled and your firewall settings are OK. If you don’t receive your account information, please contact us. You’ll probably need to change your e-mail address.

How do I deletemy account?

If you want to delete your account, please go to the contact page and fill in the contact form. Please tell us you want to delete your account and we will delete it as soon as possible.

How can I change my username / password?

Unfortunately you can’t change your username. You can change your password at My account / Profile.

Download / image use related questions

Are the photos and graphics on beststockphotofree.com really free?

Yes! All images available for download from the galleries are completely free, if they are being used within the Terms of Use and Image License rules:


If you wish to use these images in any other way, you must contact the image owner by clicking “Send message” in their profile. The comment box is not appropriate for this. Owners have the right to make conditions and charge for use which falls outside beststockphotofree.com’s terms and license. That arrangement must be negotiated with the image owner, and has nothing to do with this site.

What if the image owner won’t respond to my request?

beststockphotofree.com has no control over the contributors to this site. If they are not breaking any of the rules, and they choose not to respond, there is nothing we can do.

Can I use these images for…

You can use the images for almost anything. Of course, there are some no-no’s and restrictions. Please check the corresponding part of the Image license Agreement.

How can I search for a photo by its number of file name?

Just paste the number or the filename into the search box on the left, and you’ll get to the photo preview page.

How can I find the image I want?

There are several ways. You can type name of the object or concept in the search bar on the home page. You can click on one of the categories in the “Categories” box under the front page image. You can click on any image displayed on the front page. You can click on “Popular photos” or “New Photos” in the selection bar on any page. You may know a certain photographer or graphic artist has a style that suits your project, so you can go to the list of photographers by clicking the “Editors Choice” link. All these methods will pull up a gallery of thumbnail images for you to scroll through.

What is a lightbox?

The lightbox on beststockphotofree.com allow a user to organize photos. Photos can be assigned to a viewable lightbox by subject, for later convenience, or used to compile unrelated photos for a specific project layout.

I contacted a user but I got no reply. Can you help?

Please note that we have no control over the artists’ images, e-mail accounts and response time so we cannot guarantee that all of them will get back to you in a timely manner or at all. We can’t contact them for you.

I can’t find a photo I downloaded or not allowed to view it again.

We have no control over the images of our artists. They come and go. If it’s not there any more, it has probably been deleted from the site. Always make a note of the artist’s username when you download a file from our site so that you can contact the person later if there’s an emergency.

Can i use images for commercial use e.g. advertisement and marketing materials?

Read Licenses – Each photo has a specified licence.
Check the licence for the photo then read the content of the licence on:

Can I use photos for HTML/PSD/PowerPoint templates I sell?

Read Licenses – Each photo has a specified licence.
Check the licence for the photo then read the content of the licence on:

Can I distribute my PSD files with photos included in design?

Read Licenses – Each photo has a specified licence.
Check the licence for the photo then read the content of the licence on:

Can I use photos as a placeholders in my HTML/PSD templates or articles?

Read Licenses – Each photo has a specified licence.
Check the licence for the photo then read the content of the licence on:

Can I print it on t-shirts?

Read Licenses – Each photo has a specified licence.
Check the licence for the photo then read the content of the licence on:

Can I use it in my PowerPoint presentation?

Read Licenses – Each photo has a specified licence.
Check the licence for the photo then read the content of the licence on:

Can I post images on social networks?

Facebook has really weird conditions for posting images. You can post them on social networks only if you edit them — eg. with logo of your company, as part of webdesign, with your own quote etc.

Can i download these files and redistribute, sell or give them away on a similar stock website?

No, absolutely not.

Can I publish these photos to my own site with free photos?

Please, don’t do it.

Do I need to provide a link to your site if I use an image?

Depends on the license. Be sure to review the image license associated with the image to know for sure if attribution is required or not. Check: License

Contributor questions / For photographer

Can I submit my own photo?

Why not! Sign up as a photographer. In return I will give you a back link to your website or portfolio.

Why don’t my images appear in my public gallery straight away?

Newly uploaded images will appear in your personal gallery where only you can view them. They will be labelled “Pending” until formal approval has been completed. Once approved, the images will be added to the New Photos gallery for public viewing, comment and downloading.

Can I sell my images on BestStockPhotoFree?

No, you can’t. It’s against the site spirit and it’s not allowed by the Terms of use.

Why did you reject my perfectly good images?

There are many reasons for rejection. We may have too many images of flowers, so we approve only very high quality images. At full size, your photo may have been blurry, pixelated, or full of noise or artefacts. This affects images that are to be printed or viewed at large size where they are being used. Your image may be badly focussed – on the background rather than the subject. It may have a poor composition, which distracts the eye. It may be considered not very useful as a stock image.

Can I upload images taken by or created by another person?

The short answer is “no”. However, there are images in the public domain, which means they are free to use commercially. If they are hosted on other people’s sites, then you may not be allowed to take the image from there. Check with their terms of use. But you can’t take one of those images, and upload it here. You may use it in an edited work, but it would need to show a lot of editing or creativity, and not be primarily the original image. You may use images from any source that approves of such use, but you must acknowledge the source in your image description. Our approvers may want to see the original image to determine that what you submit is mostly your own work. Generally, other image sites do not allow such use, as it is redistribution.

What kinds of image formats are allowed?

Jpeg(.jpg) is the photo format currently being accepted.

Can I submit images containing nudity?


How can I support?

There is many ways how to do it. The easiest way is to share to your friends, also you can buy me a beer/coffee — check this page: Support project

By downloading an image from BestStockPhotoFree you agree to all terms and conditions stated on this page.

If you have any questions, contact me on info@beststockphotofree.com

I can’t respond to all emails about image usage, so please try to follow these FAQ.