How to earn on the blog is one of the most frequent questions I receive. There are a lot of people, who come here to help, that perfected the idea of earning through the Internet. Each and every one of them will tell you about one of three main ways of generating revenue from online activities.

How to earn on the blog

Everyone, who is going to blog “full time” will eventually realize that our own page in the network provides great possibilities. Everything’s great, but such amount of information can overwhelm very quickly. That is why in this article I decided to collect for you some practical tips that will help you decide how you want to earn on your blog, which option will be the most profitable, and on which conditions. You will also learn about advantages and disadvantages of all solutions.

The article how to earn on the blog is divided into three parts – I strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with them all. Let’s see what my guests have got to say:

  • Affiliate entries, product placement and review – Robert
  • AdSense earning – Monica
  • Affiliation – Anne
  • Basics about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – a way to earn in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.


How to earn on the blog – cooperation with brands

If you receive a cooperation offer, the first thing you think is whether you know the product/the brand or not. Then you consider your own preferences and if you could recommend it to your friends. If the answer is negative, then politely reject the offer of cooperation, frankly replying that the product/the brand does not suit you. If; however, you answered “yes” on the previous question, then ask one another: how can I present this thing/the topic of promotion with the things I do on the blog to make it engaging and interesting?

It is very important to make sure that contextual product placement won’t be a revolution for your readers. It has to be something natural, something that will ideally suit your everyday blogging. It cannot result in very negative emotions, because the advertising campaign will certainly be a failure. Another issue that a lot of bloggers (not only beginners) have to deal with is the price. How much should we say to make sure we don’t want too much? If you don’t know how much your service is worth, then take a look at “cooperation” sub-pages of other bloggers of your category. See how much they want and give a price accordingly. If you don’t know who to ask for advice, value yourself twice as much as you wanted to say at the beginning, because most bloggers offer too low rates very often.

How to earn on the blog – AdSense

AdSense advertisements are usually rejected by the bloggers because they are not profitable. In fact, when compared to revenues from affiliations or cooperating with other brands, we are not going to earn a lot with AdSense.

AdSense revenue depends significantly on the traffic at your blog. If there is not enough of it, it is visited by small group of readers, then the earnings won’t be astonishing. If; however, there are a lot of visits, then AdSense can become quite interesting addition to your monthly earnings. What else can influence the AdSense income?

  • From the advertisement placement;
  • From the theme of your blog;
  • From the type of device your readers enter the page.

It is because people from mobile devices do not see your side panel. Therefore, they won’t see any advertisements you put there. An advantage of using AdSense is the fact that it can generate a stable income and it is automated and maintenance free service, available for everyone (you don’t need to look for clients, just download advertising units form the panel). The moment some company asks you for pricing the advertising spots, then you will know where the ads are the most efficient, and where not to put the banner. And it’s all thanks to AdSense.

How to earn on the blog – affiliation

Affiliation is relatively new method of earning. The idea is very simple: if you recommend on your blog a specific product or the service, and your reader will purchase the item from official page thanks to your affiliating link put on your blog, then you will be rewarded with commission. You can join the affiliating programs directly thanks to e.g. banks, or use affiliate programs.

Affiliation is a great tool. If it is well used, it can provide fixed income from your blog without the necessity of any additional cooperation with the brand. You just recommend the products and services you think are worth recommending in the way you feel is best. You don’t have to compromise. It’s we, the bloggers, who recommend different products or services all the time. They constantly appear in our texts or pictures, and readers often buy them, depending on our opinion. Affiliation lets us monetize it. However, in order to earn significant amounts from the affiliation, you need to remember about three things:

  1. There is no income without trust

Affiliation is simple, but you cannot just enter affiliation link or banner on your blog and sign it as “I recommend, buy it”, thinking your commission will grow. In order to persuade your reader to purchase anything of your recommendation, you need him to TRUST you. To trust means to believe that the thing or the service you are recommending is in fact the best on the market because: you checked it personally or because you are believed to be the expert in the field.

  1. There is no income without online shopping

If you want to receive your commission, a purchase needs to be via Internet and a buyer has to enter the shop “via” your blog. Simple? It really is, but the fact that you can do shopping online doesn’t mean that your reader will do that thing. Just think about it – what things you buy through the Internet and where? Clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture? Your reader is exactly like you. He’s got his favourite Internet shops, but he prefers to buy some things locally.

  1. There is no income without the right field

Financial field is absolute leader. You won’t find any other place with such high commissions. I myself earn in clothing field and I have been receiving fixed income for 2 years now. It is not my main earning method (regarding the blog). That is why I do not pay too much attention and my energy for affiliation. However, depending on the month, affiliation generates $700-$2000 monthly. Affiliation earning is quite broad topic. So, if you have any questions regarding that idea, write it in the comment section!

Nice addition for the end: How to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

In the article I focus on Bitcoin only, but there are tons of other cryptocurrencies like for example:

BTC Bitcoin ETC Ethereum
ETH Ethereum QTUM Qtum
LTC Litecoin OMG OmiseGo
LSK Lisk BCC BitConnect
BTG Bitcoin Gold STRAT Stratis
BCH Bitcoin Cash ZEC Zcash


What is Bitcoin?

The authors of BitCoin is unjknown person or group of people, who work under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. BitCoin is one of the most popular virtual currencies in the world. One of the unique characteristics of BitCoin is its decentralization. He was designed in the way no one can influence the currency, not even its author. It is also specified how much BitCoins there can be (20 999 999,9769) and this number cannot be changed in any way. Because of that, there is no inflation for BitCoin, it may come to deflation. We can store Bitcoins directly on your PC as a file. We can also use online wallets  at some mediators. Charges for transactions between individuals are very low or they do not exist at all.

How does BitCoin work?

The whole network is based on two types of people. There are people, who are trying to “mine” something and final users. The first group receives BitCoin with the use of various software and performing highly-advanced calculations. Final users just use it to pay with it. You can belong to both types. At the beginning of BitCoin, mining wasn’t very demanding. Nowadays, it is several times harder and with every day the difficulty increases. Together with mining requirements, the cost of mining increases. How to earn Bitcoin? DONATE on the page. In my opinion, the best and the easiest way of earning BitCoin is inserting special QR Code at your blog. No matter what type of blog you have and how big it is, you just need to follow some of these steps:

  1. 1. Register free wallet. I personally recommend Bitbay, but there are many other wallets (share your insights in the comment). Bitbay is one of the safest wallets.
  2. 2. Insert QR Code on your blog/WWW page. Once you have your wallet, move to the section related to generating QR Code. You can find there QR code, where you can find your own private Bitcoin address (or for any other cryptocurrency). Print that code and insert it on the visible place in your blog/website.
  3. 3. That’s all! It’s simple, isn’t it? At this moment 1 Bitcoin costs $14000 – $16000. As you can see, it takes only two people that will send you 0.5BTC each and you’ve got approximately $30000 for that! If you appreciate my work (and this article together with my pictures), you can donate for coffee!


Quite a lot of knowledge, right? I am extremely grateful my guests that they decided to spend their time and write several sentences how to earn on the blog! If you too are grateful, click the button below and share the article with your friends!