The Internet is such an amazing thing, where you can find the plethora of Crazy Weird Websites, some of them are equipped with the valuable information while some are highly disgusting, and once you visit any of it, the first word that comes out of your mouth is shit, weird websites, or useless webs. Though these websites seem to be weird or useless, become a good source when you are getting bored, and in the mood to search for something crazier. These websites will give you the amazing and unique experience. Check out more about these weird websites while some of them we have enlisted below, and how these are weird and accept it as a challenge that if you create a weirder than that.

Why People Make the Crazy Weird Websites

Well, the reasons can be few for many, some people make such crazy weird websites to show other people their inner weirdness, and craziness, that they find are God gifted to them, and are willing to show it to others. While some people make outrageous lies and crazy things, so people get attracted to them. There are few people who make such crazy websites just to grab the attention, and making it catchy so, people come and visit their sites to earn money. While some people make these weird websites as they have some innovative ideas, and they want to show it to the world to gain profitability and fame of course. You can sense that some of the websites you often encounter to your browser are the creation of some stupid and weird people, and show the weirdness and level of stupidest they are possessing and all they want is attention.


it is totally an insane website, there are two types of people, one that is in love of planes and the second that love people flying on airplanes, the above-mentioned website is equally beneficial for all of them, as this crazy weird websites allow you to spy on any plane, and travel to any part of the world. All you required is to select the right plane and flight, and you might be solving the mystery of various airlines out there.




It is also one of the crazy weird websites that will really freak you out, though it is a self-explanatory website, and you will get everything here what you ask for. It will provide you a super plain answer for each of your query. It will be great for the people suffering from the Alzheimer disease, or that does not possess any of calendar on their laptop, and especially ty it on charismas and see how Santa mesmerize you with its magical climbing.


Calling internet a full big jungle will definitely be wont wrong to say, where you will see how the garbage will meet the treasure. Some of the websites are highly informative, while some are so stupid and useless websites that will really freak out your mind for sure.

The weird crazy websites I discussed above will surely freshen up your mind, at first I found it hard to compile a list of these useless sites. I compile a list of these strange and odd websites, it took me kindly but trust me these are worth visiting.