What is a Bitcoin?

You probably wonder why Bitcoin or any other currency available only through digital sources is a great idea to earn some money. You see, the technology is developing with every day. Nowadays, the introduction of cryptocurrency to the modern world seems to be just a matter of time. Bitcoin and all other decentralized currencies available only through the Internet are the latest technological novelty that introduces us to the world of instant payments, smart contracts, and many other interesting use of calculating power of computers. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies available on the market and each day the list expands. At this moment the most popular are the following:

  • BTC Bitcoin
  • ETH Ethereum
  • LTC Litecoin
  • LSK Lisk

How to store it? Well, it is quite similar to the old-fashioned currencies. We need to store them in wallets. There are a lot of online wallets, but one of the most popular ones is BitBay. It offers a wallet for many different cryptocurrencies. It can also boast with one of the most secured servers that keep your earnings safe! So now, when we covered all the basics, let’s focus on two ways of earning cryptocurrencies, mainly BTC, thanks to pictures!

1. QR codes at your page

The first way of getting some extra money from your page is using QR codes. It is a very simple and non-invasive method, where we use two-dimensional graphic code. It just provides all the visitors and people interested in donating with the opportunity to provide you with some help. QR codes let everyone to scan the code very quickly and use it for instant transactions, instead of rewriting the code that can contain up to 34 characters.

The process of generating your own QR code is very simple. It doesn’t require any programming knowledge or anything like that. You just need to find a legitimate generator in the Internet and then put it into your page in a visible, yet not too eye-catching spot.

2. Launching your own shop – free pictures bank

This idea gives you the opportunity to launch your own website with pictures and use it to earn some cryptocurrency. First thing you ought to do is get your own WordPress page. It is a free and ready to use pattern. In there you don’t have to write anything by yourself. There are ready themes and additions for your page. Of course there are also guides that will give you a step-by-step instruction what to do in order to prepare everything properly.

Except for your own page, you have to take care of hosting. Personally I recommend using SiteGround servers. One hosting can be used for several pages, so if you come up with another idea, SiteGround will be there for you! Once you take care of the page, we recommend checking out additional features and plugins. Incredibly interesting is Woocommerce that will let you customize your WordPress in any way you desire, without limitations or restrictions! In order to earn, you can use QR codes mentioned above. Make sure you prepared appropriate wallets that will let your viewers donate any number of all cryptocurrencies for your services!

What about your ways of earning Bitcoins?

Have you got an interesting idea? Don’t hesitate to share with others!