Welcome back!

I am Carl and my greatest passion is taking various photographs. I live in the heart of Poland, in Warsaw where I work and take most of my pictures which are presented at the website. I publish also pictures from many places I have visited.

I always have camera with me, so when something interesting is happening, I take the pictures! I am an amateur, young photographer, still learning but I am persistent in achieving goals. I have taken thousands of pictures, which you can see at my website. The pictures available at my websites are free, so everyone can download them and use anytime.

They are based on Creative Commons. However, if you love my work, I will be happy to receive any financial support from you! If you are interested in me, you can read more about me and in FAQ.
I have established the website to publish my photographs. All the available photographs are taken by me. However, if you are also a photographer, you can publish your pictures at my website! You can send me your pictures with the license and I can publish them free of charges. In this way, you can promote your abilities and my website.
As I mentioned before, I am an amateur and I am going to purchase new camera equipment in future but now my budget is limited. For this reason, I would like to ask you for supporting my project. I am willing to prepare some pictures for your, according to your needs and what is more, I will publish the link to your website in the special part of my website.

It can be great promotion of your website and your services or goods. For more details, please contact me or see FAQs.

It is nearly Christmas, but in Poland, the weather does not look like winter one. It is raining and windy and there is no opportunity to take the photographs which will underline the special time. I dream of white Christmas and the possibility to take some pictures outside, in snow landscape. Today, I am uploading some pictures which I have taken recently and which are not similar to the pictures which are presented on the Christmas cards. Maybe next year, will be better pictures.

By the way, I wish you all happy Christmas, the Christmas you have always dreamt of!

I will be happy to answer all your questions concerning taking pictures. Although, I am not a professional photographer, I have many years of experiences and I do what I love, so do you need other person to answer your questions?

Maybe you want to suggest some topics you want to read about in my next post? I am open to listen to your needs.

IMAGES: Christmas vector designed by Freepik